Updates & News

Hello to all my readers, past, present and future. I’m aware that I haven’t been posting new content for a pretty long time. As such, I’m here to update you guys on some news and schedules. 

The reason behind my break is university and finals. I took more modules den intended last semester and I have trouble balancing my studying and reading time. I spent most of my time reading textbooks for my modules rather than reading novels. I would like to apologise for the sudden break and disappearance. I’m thankful for readers who are still around and are still willing to read my content after a took such a long break. I decided to focus on my studies rather than churning out more reviews. 

With that addressed, I will update my readers in advance if I were to take a break in the future. I will continue to upload reviews weekly as usual and catch up on any book reviews over the winter break. So, new content will be uploaded starting from tomorrow. I hope you all will be looking forward to that. 

The aim of this blog is a mean for me to share my interest with people out there who share common interest with me or are curious about what type of novels they should pick up. I find this blog as a hobby. 

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