Queens of Fennbirn by Kendare Blake


Queens of Fennbirn

Author: Kendare Blake

Published on: 3 April 2018

Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult, Fiction, Romance, Novella

Pages: 240

Format: Paperback

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Uncover the sisters’ origins, dive deep into the catastrophic reign of the Oracle Queen, and reveal layers of Fennbirn’s past, hidden until now.

The Young Queens

Get a glimpse of triplet queens Mirabella, Arsinoe, and Katharine during a short period of time when they protected and loved one another. From birth until their claiming ceremonies, this is the story of the three sisters’ lives…before they were at stake.

The Oracle Queen

Everyone knows the legend of Elsabet, the Oracle Queen. The one who went mad. The one who orchestrated a senseless, horrific slaying of three entire houses. But what really happened? Discover the true story behind the queen who could foresee the future…just not her own downfall.

I’ve always wanted to know how the triplets are like when they are young. I’m glad that I finally have the chance to do so. It is a refreshing side to Mirabella, Katherine, and Arisone that I don’t get to see in the trilogy. I can see why it is so difficult for Mirabella to kill her sisters. How can she kill her two sweet and innocent sisters whom she loves and protects so dearly while they were still young?

Despite this novel being a short novella, the stories which unfold holds so much emotions and the characters which reside there… are simply incredible. I wonder how Kendare Blake is able to infuse so much content into a 100+ pages story. From the ugly truth of the Oracle Queen to the kind of difficulties the triplets face.

The Oracle Queen… dam… I feel so bad for her and extremely angry at the people who did that to her. The only thing which Elsabet wanted is to be a different ruler. I’m sure she has her own approach to ruling such that Fennbirn will be a peaceful country again. But this is royalty I guess… when people are upset, they overthrow their rulers. When some people get so addicted to wealth and fame, all they ever want is more of such. More power, more wealth, more fame. It is so upsetting that future sight-borne queens are drowned at birth because of the seemingly previous ‘crazy’ queen. All because of a tale, innocent lives are not even given the chance to live. That is what upsets me the most.

Queen Camille… I wonder what she will feel if she were to remain on the island and witness the events which occur all the way to ‘One Dark Throne’. Would she ache for her daughters for all the sufferings they have to go through? Especially the weaker queens, Arisone and Katherine, who have been brought up with the mindset that they are going to be killed by their talented sister, Mirabella. The sufferings both of them have to go through because they are ‘gift-less’. Mirabella too, the suffering she has to go through since a child… knowing that she has to kill her sisters in order to seize the crown and make Fennbirn a better place despite still having fond memories of her two loving sisters…

I would recommend readers to read this novel only after they’ve finished ‘Three Dark Crowns’. Readers will get spoiled if they were to read this novella first. Besides, it will be easier for readers to understand what is occurring in the short stories if they were to read the first novel beforehand.




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