Happyland: A Fairytale In Two Parts by Tes Mekonnen & Anthony Resto


Happyland: A Fairytale In Two Parts

Author: Tes Mekonnen, Anthony Resto (Illustrator)

Published on: 4 October 2017

Genre: Fiction, Fantasy, Fairytales

Pages: 150

Format: Paperback

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Would you like to court me to Happyland?” Prince Gobbledygook asks Lily Marshmallow and himself. Therein the journey begins to find Happyland. Follow him as he tries to define happiness with a little help from his friends, Big Wig Sophisticated Pig, Brutus Beaujolais and Cornelius Wordbook, an English gentleman with a book-for-a-head. Prince Gobbledygook duels, loses his ladylove, regains his original name and gains a friendship that will last for fourforevers. Will they make it to Happyland?

I would like to, firstly, give a huge thank you to the author for giving me the opportunity to read and review his novel, Happyland: A Fairytale In Two Parts. Thank you so so much for trusting me with your novel and sending me a paperback.

Happyland is a really interesting novel. I have to stop and re-read some words, sentences or paragraphs again on numerous occasions as I’m making my way through the novel. Don’t be mistaken though. That isn’t a bad thing. Instead, re-reading the narrative allows me to view things in another light. Sometimes, I read so quickly that I breeze through the narrative and take what was written at just the surface level, I didn’t dive down to try and understand the messages that the author is trying to convey to their readers. That aside, the quirky and weird languages/words are hard to understand initially. It forces me to re-read those parts again and that is also one of the reasons why I have a hard time getting into the story. However, it is the continuous cycle of re-reading the narrative which allows me to catch the ‘hidden messages’ behind what the author is trying to convey. The moral written at the end of every chapter only confirm that my speculations are correct.

Happyland is more of a middle-grade novel in my opinion. It is really short and sweet. I didn’t get attached to any characters in particular. However, the plot and writing are sufficient for me to keep my eyes glued to the pages. It is really amazing how the seemingly ‘short-stories’ in each chapter flow and connect so well with each other to form a complete picture. Another noteworthy thing is how the introduction of new characters into the story seems so easy and I’m able to readily accept each new characters with open arms. psst… sometimes, I get confused when new characters are introduced in almost every new chapter.

Happyland is filled with numerous morals and messages that readers can take away, from reading this novel. However, personally, I’m already aware of these messages and morals which appear in the novel. I feel that these messages, are something that people will learn and discover as they age. On the whole, Happyland has been a refreshing and enjoyable read. 🙂


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