ReWired by S. R. Johannes



Author: S. R. Johannes

Published on: 27 August 2017

Genre: Young Adult, Thriller, Suspense, Mystery

Pages: 317

Format: Kindle Edition

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16-year-old Ada Lovelace is never more alive and sure of herself than when she’s hacking into a “secure” network as her alter ego, the Dark Angel. In the real world, Ada is broken, reeling from her best friend Simone’s recent suicide. But online, the reclusive daughter of Senator Lovelace (champion of the new Technology Privacy Bill) is a daring white hat hacker and the only female member of the Orwellians, an elite group responsible for a string of high-profile hacks against major corporations, with a mission to protect the little guy. 

Ada is swiftly proving she’s a force to be reckoned with, when a fellow Orwellian betrays her to the FBI. To protect her father’s career, Ada is sent to ReBoot, a technology rehab facility for teens…the same rehab Simone attended right before killing herself. 
It’s bad enough that the ReBoot facility is creepy in an Overlook-Hotel-meets-Winchester-Mansion way, but when Ada realizes Simone’s suicide is just one in an increasingly suspicious string of “accidental” deaths and “suicides” occurring just after kids leave ReBoot, Ada knows she can’t leave without figuring out what really happened to her best friend. The massive cyber conspiracy she uncovers will threaten everything she cares about–her dad’s career, her new relationship with a wry, handsome, reformed hacker, Fisher, who gets under her skin, and most of all–the Dark Angel. 

With a deliciously twisty plot, the topical bite of Cory Doctorow’s LITTLE BROTHER, ReWIRED delves into technology addiction, internet privacy, and corporate/government collection of data. 

ReWIRED is about the daily choices we all make about who we want to be, how much of ourselves we choose to share with others, and the terrifying risks and exhilarating rewards of being ourselves, online and off.

I would like to give a huge thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for giving me a chance to read ReWired in exchange for an honest review. 🙂

I thoroughly enjoyed reading ReWired and it is not because of the plot or characters. Instead, it is the mystery and suspense aspects which keep me going. I want to find out the identity of the facility and how the deaths of those people who left the facility link back to the facility and the people in it. I’m also curious about the true identity of the facility other than its ‘surface identity’ of being a rehab facility for teens who are addicted to the virtual world. After going deeper into the plot, I have a constant nagging feeling that there must be something more to the facility than what meets the eye. Well, I’m glad that my suspicion and questions are answered throughout the course of the novel.

The mystery and suspense are really well written in ReWired. However, as for the friendships, character development, and romance aspects, they didn’t live up to my expectations.

I love Ada’s character. She isn’t the typical senator daughter most people would’ve thought she would be. A ‘stereotypical image’ of a senator daughter could be spoiled and probably naive. However, Ada is completely opposite of that. Instead, her character feels so real and lifelike that I’m able to relate to her thoughts and feelings. Being torn up after the death of her best friend, she is a fraction of who she used to be. That is until she entered the facility and found out her best friend’s suicide might not merely be a suicide and could be something else. At times, I feel that Ada is too naive. She trusts and believes people too easily and didn’t suspect things which should’ve triggered an alarm.

In my opinion, the story goes downhill after Ada finds out the cause of Simone’s death. The story thereafter feels like a bunch of puzzle pieces scattered around. I couldn’t really follow the events which are occurring then. Nonetheless, ReWired is an enjoyable read.


The romance between Ada and Fisher in ReWired feel too forced and unrealistic. There isn’t much chemistry between the two of them, to begin with, and suddenly, they become a thing. I feel like the romance aspect in ReWired is not really required. A simple friendship would be more than sufficient. I couldn’t feel the chemistry between the two parties…

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