July Wrap Up

July has been a pretty good reading month for me. Considering how I’m currently in a really bad reading slump right now, I’m glad I managed to finish a total of 20 books. Though 17 of them are manga… I tend to read tons of romantic comedy during the summer period and romantic shoujo manga are my go-to source. That explains the huge number of manga volumes I read in July. XD


The Banished Battle God by Butterfly Blue


I started reading this light novel right after I finished watching the anime. I was so hooked to the light novel and wanted to pick up volume 2 right after finishing the 1st volume. Nonetheless, the novel exceeded my expectations and I will get to the 2nd volume hopefully by the end of August. I don’t think I will stop raving about this light novel series or the anime. If you have yet to check out my full review of this light novel, do check it out here.


Forever, Alabama by Susan Sands


I was looking for a light, fluffy contemporary read after reading ‘The Banished Battle God’ but this contemporary novel addresses much heavier issues than I originally expected. Even so, I had fun reading this novel. The plot is really well written and the characters are loveable. I had an enjoyable time following Sabine and Ben in their journey to let go of their past and embrace the present. A detailed review of this novel can be found here.

Watashi no Ookami-kun vol. 1 – 4 by Youko Nogiri


I was looking for a short, cute romance manga after reading Forever, Alabama and came across this manga while I was searching for one. This manga is really short since it only has 4 volumes. There isn’t anything outstanding about this novel other than the guys being ‘animals’ instead of humans. It is just a quick, fluffy read with a cute love triangle. ❤


Qishi Huanxiang Ye by Vivibear


This is an ongoing manhua about an extremely timid and shy girl called Lin who is able to travel between the video game world and the real world, i.e. Earth. This manhua is extremely good! I love the character development so much as Lin grows so much from an extremely shy girl to a brave girl with a backbone. She wouldn’t hesitate to sacrifice her happiness, youth, and life for the guy she loves. Even if it means hiding her true feelings. If you are looking for a bitter-sweet read, this manhua is the one for you. 🙂


Distancia ~ The Untouchable One ~ by Lumion

This is another ongoing romance, contemporary manhua. This manhua is pretty mundane so far. I can’t gauge how this manhua will go since there are currently only 36 chapters and the author is still introducing readers to the world. I’m thinking of DNF-ing this manhua but we shall see…


The Fourteen Day Soul Detox by Rita Stradling

Yes! I finally manage to finish this 1000+ page novel. *victory pose* Took me long enough to read it. Whew, this is also the reason why I’m in a reading slump right now. After conquering such a long novel, I don’t have the stamina to start reading another novel right off the bat. Anyways, this novel is a refreshing read. I love reading about Jamie’s challenges and development throughout the 13 days. 😀


Buddy Go! vol. 1 – 8 by Minori Kurosaki

Buddy Go! is an ongoing manga about a girl, Shizuku, who loves dancing but is bad at expressing herself. Shizuku decided to cross-dress and upload videos of her dances on a popular website under the alias ‘Ai’. After some unexpected events, she’s thrown into a male idol group with her dancing rival, Hayate. Shizuku is such a shy and timid girl that it is so funny and cute when she got thrown into the idol group. After all, not only does she has to keep her gender a secret, she also has to overcome her stage fright.

Watashitachi ni wa kabe ga aru vol. 1 – 3 by Tsukishima Haru

This is another ongoing manga about Makoto who is suddenly confessed to by her childhood friend, Reita. I’m most probably going to DNF this manga since Reita is annoying the hell outta me! I hate his guts and character so much that I cringe whenever he keeps ‘harassing’ Makoto. The author did a really good job at portraying Reita’s character though. After all, he managed to get his reader to hate Reita so much she doesn’t want to see Reita’s face anymore. XD On the side note, there was once my friend recommended me a Chinese drama about an extremely spoiled lady with ‘

On the side note, there was once my friend recommended me a Chinese drama about an extremely spoiled lady with ‘princess sickness’. I was so sick and tired of her attitude and with how spoiled she was that I stopped watching the drama after the 1st episode. My friend’s comment after I told her I’m discontinuing the drama was, “Wow, for Joanne to hate the character so much just from watching the 1st episode, the actress must be really good.” XD


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