Kiss Me, Kill You by Larissa C. Hardesty


Kiss Me, Kill You

Author: Larissa C. Hardesty

Published on: 12 June 2017

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy

Pages: 196

Format: E-Book

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First kisses should be legendary—not deadly.

Emmy Duivel believes in true love: heart-stopping kisses, candlelight dinners, and a connection that lasts forever. But not the kind of kisses that land your date in the hospital. Emmy always knew she was different, but not in the supernatural sense. Not in the succubus sense.

Paul Andinn had only one job: watch over Emmy and make sure she doesn’t expose the supernatural world. It should have been easy, but the moment he looked away, she kissed that boy, and everything changed.

He should be more upset. But he can’t. Not when he’s falling hard for her.

I got intrigued by the synopsis as it didn’t reveal much about the plot. The story sounds like it will be full of action and unexpected occurrences. After all, Emmy doesn’t know she is a succubus and why is Paul required to watch over Emmy? Wouldn’t Emmy have her family members to help her with all the succubus issue?

This novel is a disappointment, for me. The characters are ordinary, and there isn’t much emphasis on the world building. The plot throughout the novel is just Emmy following her friend, Lily, around, listening to whatever she says and kissing guys almost every paragraph. Overall, it is pretty mundane. I expected Emmy to bring some flare to the plot since she is a supernatural creature. But, it didn’t. Moreover, this novel seems to be more of a middle-grade novel as compared to a young adult novel. The heated kissing scenes are the only thing that categorizes it under the young adult category.

Emmy… Gosh… She is an extremely naive and simple minded child. She just blindly follows Lily around whenever she asks. I hate people with such characters since they should at least have some opinions of their own and not be led by the nose by someone else. Moreover, Emmy is the main protagonist in the novel! Well, at least she stands her ground when her mother and Lily ask her to stop hanging out with Paul.

There is also the issue with the higher-ups, i.e. The Powers. The people whom the succubus and incubus report to. Throughout the novel, The Powers remains a mystery. They are so heartless and vicious through the use of force to threaten their underlings into submission that I want to know their true nature and how they actually look like. But, the only time I get to ‘see’ them in action is when the succubus/incubus use incense to summon them. Even so, The Powers aren’t in physical form. The only thing which prompted me to continue on with this novel is the overwhelming curiosity to find out the nature behind The Powers. Sadly, they remained a mystery.


The romance in this novel made me facepalmed… Chemistry between Paul and Emmy is present at the start of the novel since they already like each other. However, at one point in the novel, Paul told Emmy he wanted to go out with her only to reject her over a phone call that very night. By then, my reaction was ‘okay…’ What made me facepalmed was the part where Paul ‘stalks’ Emmy the next day before confessing his undying love for her again, and they start going out.


I don’t know if I’m being too harsh on the novel. But, it is pretty frustrating when the novel has so much potential and yet it underperforms. 😦

Well, this novel is a very quick read since it is pretty short. However, I’m pretty bummed that I didn’t like this novel as much as I wanted to. Finally, I would like to give a huge thank you to Entangled Publishing, LLC, and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this arc in return for an honest review. 🙂



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