The Who Am I Tag

I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this tag but I saw this tag at icebreaker’s blog and it seems really fun and interesting! I love to do tags like this and I enjoy reading such tags too. It allows me to get to know the bloggers more. 😀 Do check out icebreaker’s blog if your haven’t. She posts manga reviews and anime first impressions which are very interesting since I’m an avid anime and manga fan myself. 🙂 I haven’t done any personality tests for a really long time now so it will be interesting to see whether the answers are still the same.

What is the meaning of my name?

I guess this means my blogger name, yaguitarist. Well, ya stands for young adult and guitarist… I guess everyone should know what that means. This name came about because I love ya books obviously and I’m into electric guitar. :3

What is my Myer-Briggs personality type? (Link)

It seems like my personality hasn’t changed at all. Since I got the same results. It’s really scary how the website’s descriptions of an INFJ actually reflects my personality. It’s so true.

Advocate (INFJ-T)

infjIndividual Traits: Introverted 80%, Intuitive 67%, Feeling 84%, Judging 61%, Turbulent 51%

Role: Diplomat

Who I share this with: Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Alanis Morissette

What is my Zodiac Sign? (Link)


I’m a Cancer since my birthday falls on the 17 July. ;D

Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
Color: White
Day: Monday, Thursday
Ruler: Moon
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Capricorn, Taurus
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 15, 20
Date range: June 21 – July 22
Strengths: Tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive
Weaknesses: Moody, pessimistic, suspicious, manipulative, insecure
Cancer likes: Art, home-based hobbies, relaxing near or in water, helping loved ones, a good meal with friends
Cancer Dislikes: 
Strangers, any criticism of Mom, revealing of personal life

What is my Hogwarts House? (Link)

I was a Ravenclaw in the past. I guess that I’m a Hufflepuff now. XD Both of my Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff scores are fairly close though.


Hufflepuff – 14
Ravenclaw – 12
Gryffindor – 11
Slytherin – 7

What is my Learning Style? (Link)

Visual 6
Aural 5
Read/Write 10
Kinesthetic 6

Am I Right or Left Brain Dominant? (Link)


What is my Blood Type? (Link)

My blood type is B+. I remembered that Koreans usually tell a person’s personality from their blood type and I googled blood types and what it tells us about our personality.

Blood type B’s are rebels who simply can’t be tamed. Passionate and driven, B’s can be the life of the party as well as ambitious people with big dreams. Although they can be harsh, stubborn, and hard to get along with at times, B’s are commendable for staying true to themselves no matter what the rest of the world says. *ahem* That’s not true…

PROS: passionate, active, ambitious, imaginative, creative, fun, emotionally strong, optimistic, opinionated, independent, unconventional

CONS: selfish, irresponsible, unforgiving, erratic, stubborn, blunt, harsh, hot-tempered

What Career am I meant to have? (Link)


You have a skill for language, your imagination is vast and you are artistic and creative. Your brain is just overflowing with ideas, and all you have to do is get a piece of paper and share it with the world. You were born to turn words into magical stories.

Which Divergent Faction Do I Belong In? (Link)



Erudite places the highest value not only on intelligence but also on knowledge, understanding, innovation, and curiosity. They focus on putting their knowledge to use, in order to develop and discover newer and more advanced sources of information. Their hunger to learn is matched by an equal desire to share knowledge with others.

What does my Birth Order say about me? (Link)

Since I’m the only child, I guess that I’m the firstborn?

The Firstborn

Stereotype: Natural leader, ambitious, responsible.
Why it’s true: The eldest, for a while, has no competition for time (or books or baby banter) with Mom and Dad. ‘There’s a benefit to all of that undiluted attention. A 2007 study in Norway showed that firstborns had two to three more IQ points than the next child,’ says Frank J. Sulloway, Ph.D., the author of Born to Rebel. Firstborns tend to be surrogate parents when other siblings arrive, hence their protective and responsible nature.
When it’s not: Parents can set high expectations for a first (or only) child. ‘When he feels like he has disappointed his parents or can’t measure up, he may veer off in another direction,’ says Kevin Leman, Ph.D., a psychologist and the author of The Birth Order Book.”

I Tag…

Anyone who is interested in doing this tag since I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do it. 🙂






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