Flip by David Estes



Author: David Estes

Published on: 2 March 2015

Genre: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Pages: 374

Format: E-book

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In a scared and broken world where someone must die before another can be born, one family has been torn apart by fate and a ruthless government, only to find themselves suddenly thrust back together with one chance to save their struggling nation.

Benson and Harrison Kelly and their newfound allies within the rebel consortium are finally fighting back, but the Department of Population Control and its ultimate weapon, known as the Destroyer, won’t rest until they’re all dead. The task will take them into the belly of the beast and force them to face a secret about their past that will change everything.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Lifers, Jarrod, has a new weapon, in the form of an angry, desperate twelve-year-old boy, and he won’t hesitate to use him to destroy an entire city as part of a hidden agenda only just starting to be revealed.

The fate of humanity hinges on a series of impossible choices made by those with nothing to lose. One family. One chance to flip everything they know on its head. One action-packed finale that will leave you breathless.

Flip is the final installment in the Slip trilogy by David Estes. If you haven’t read my review on Slip, do check it out here. Otherwise, let’s get on with the final review of this wonderful series. I wouldn’t dwell on the world building as I’m sure that I have raved so much about it in my other two reviews that everyone should already know how great it is. Instead, I’m going to focus more on the characters and plot for this review.

Overall, the conclusion to the series is pretty well done. Though I expected much more considering how good Slip and Grip were. I’m let down with how the story progresses in Flip. I wanted the scheme on taking down PopCon, i.e. Population Control, to be more action-packed but it falls flat. Well, I enjoyed Destiny, one of the characters in the novel, and Harrison’s grand entrance at the start of the scheme. I would love to see their epic skating and hoverboarding skills in person, it will be so amazing! ❤

I love Destiny in this novel. She finally grows out of her self-loath and stops blaming herself for things she could not control. Out of all the characters, Destiny is the only one that makes such a gigantic growth. Initially, I felt that other characters such as Benson and Harrison were overshadowed by Destiny when she was first introduced in the 2nd novel, Grip. But now, I find her addition into the story to be very meaningful. The story wouldn’t be a complete one without her and she is the only one who is able to change Harrison’s impulsive behaviour.

Benson is such a lovable character but I’m unable to relate to him. His character development is lacking after other characters such as Destiny, Harrison, Minda and Simon come into the picture. Even in Flip, I feel that lesser emphasis is placed on Benson, the main protagonist. Instead, more focus is placed on developing the new additions to the novel. It is such a bummer as I would love to get to know Benson more.


There are still unanswered questions despite being the conclusion to the trilogy. There isn’t any indication whether The Destroyer is still alive. I don’t think I can safely assume that the mob is sufficient to end a robot’s life? After all, The Destroyer could easily overpower the humans who charge at him. Unless there were hundreds of people charging at him with the intention to end his life, I don’t think that I can safely assume that he is dead.

I find the ending of the president of RUSA to be pretty anti-climatic. I didn’t see the twist coming but I wasn’t surprised when Jarrod’s true identity is revealed? Rather, I was irritated with the president for not putting on a fight and just giving up like that.

Man, I hate Jarrod. His mind is so twisted that he can relentlessly brainwash a kid just to turn him into a suicide bomber. Come on, that kid just lost his loved ones, give him a break! I’m glad that Jarrod is gone for good. I wouldn’t want George to blow himself up with the mindset that Luce would be proud of him for avenging her death. Luce will be so mad and disappointed at her younger brother for doing that as she will never want George to do such a thing!

Boy, that is a really long review. All in all, I’m glad that Benson and his family and friends get the happy ending they’ve always wanted. 🙂 To those characters who lost their lives in this trilogy: You will always remain in my heart. ❤ Please give this trilogy a chance if you haven’t. XD Finally, I would like to thank the publisher and NetGalley for providing me with a copy of this eArc in exchange for an honest review. 🙂


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