June TBR

The start of a new month and yet another time to do a TBR post. I finally got a new laptop and now I’m back writing and reading more blog posts. Finally after 1 month of being stranded without a computer. Before going into my June TBR, I should mention the remaining books I read in May which I failed to include in my May Wrap Up post as I finished those books after the post was published.


Grip by David Estes

I did mention this novel in my May Wrap Up but I didn’t manage to give it a rating then as I haven’t finished reading it. Now that had, wow, this novel is amazing. This novel didn’t suffer from the 2nd book syndrome at all. Instead, I find Grip to be even better than the 1st novel, Slip. Slip was an eye opener into the world and characters while Grip was the turning point, where all the action and adventures lie. I’m looking forward to the final installment in this trilogy. I hope this series ends with a bang.


Defy The Stars by Claudia Gray

I was looking forward to another one of Claudia Gray’s novel considering how blown away I was after reading ‘A Thousand Pieces of You’. I had high expectations for the world building. I was pretty let down by the world building in Defy The Stars. This novel has a greater emphasis on Abel’s and Noemi’s character development as compared to world building. I wouldn’t say that I hate the novel but I don’t love it at the same time. I love reading about Abel’s character development as it is pretty rare have an android with a soul and feelings.

With that, I read a whopping 8 books in May! Wow, such an accomplishment. Now, let’s get on with my June TBR. I will be more adventurous in June and set a higher goal for myself.


Flip by David Estes

This novel is currently number one on my TBR list. There is no way I will be putting this novel off after finishing Grip. The ending of Grip was a cliffhanger and that encourages me to start reading the final novel as soon as possible. I hope that everything will end with a bang.


Forever, Alabama

Summer is always the best time to read contemporary books. Though Singapore’s climate is summery all year round, I still love to read different genres at different time of the year. I might be picking up more contemporary novels this month but I’m still currently into fantasy novels. We shall see.


The Crown by Kiera Cass

This series has been a rollercoaster ride for me. Though I very much prefer America and Maxon’s point of view as oppose to Eadlyn’s, I guess I should just read the final installment in this series and bid America and Maxon goodbye. After all, I’m curious who Eadlyn will pick as her husband.


Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I bet you all know by now that Six of Crows have been on my TBR for a very long time and I have yet to get started with this duology even though I keep saying that I would. I promise that I will pick this novel up in June. Time to put all my hesitation aside and dive into the Grisha world once again.


The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

After reading Caraval, I’ve started developing an interest on circus related novels. I have been trying to get my hands on The Night Circus and I heard many good things about it too. I hope that this novel will blow me away as much as Caraval had.


The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

I heard that The Crown’s Game is pretty similar to The Night Circus. After reading the synopsis of the two books, I couldn’t see any resemblance between the two of them. Regardless, I’m into fantasy books at the moment and this novel sounds like it is going to be a blast.


Lord of Shadows by Cassandra Clare

Okay, so I’m not a huge fan of The Mortal Instrument (TMI) series but I absolutely love this series and The Infernal Devices (TID) too. When I saw this novel in my local bookstore, I have to get my hands on it. With that said, I will definitely be reading Lord of Shadows this month as I can’t get enough of Julian. ❤


The Call by Peadar O’Guilin

The Call sounds so scary. ‘You have three minutes to save your life’  Gosh. As scary as it may sound, I’m still intrigued by it. I managed to finish horror novels without feeling creeped out in the past so I hope that this novel will be the first one to totally creep me out.

Let’s settle with these 8 books as of now. I will still be picking books up based on my mood but these 8 books are currently at the top of my TBR list.



    1. I will be waiting in anticipation to hear about your thoughts on The Crown’s Game then! I have been hearing good things on booktube on The Call and that was the reason why I decided to pick it up. 😡

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      1. I love all the characters in TID too but I love Jem the most. ❤ Anyways, I get what you mean because I felt exactly the same while I was reading Lady Midnight. I will be looking forward to your thoughts on it in the near future!

        Liked by 1 person

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