Since I didn’t manage to read as many books as I wanted to in April, I’m going to set a higher goal for myself this month.


Blood Road by Amanda McCrina

Since I didn’t manage to pick up this novel in April, I’m hoping to finally start reading this in May.


The Fourteen Day Soul Detox by Rita Stradling

I’m currently reading this novel since this novel is a huge book. 1076 pages is very daunting. :X I’m hoping to finish this novel in May since I’m unable to do so in April.


Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh

I’m really excited about this novel. Since the synopsis got me intrigued and I’m looking forward to getting my hands on this book. Luckily, I got accepted by the publisher on NetGalley for me to read and review this book!! So, I’m so hyped to read this. 😀


Grip by David Estes

I love the first book, Slip, in this trilogy and I’m looking forward to the second book, Grip, in this installment. I will definitely be reading this novel in May as Slip ended with a cliffhanger.


Flip by David Estes

Okay. I’m thinking of ‘marathoning’ the final two books in the Slip trilogy in May so here it is, the final book in the trilogy, Flip.

I will settle with 5 books for now in my TBR since Fourteen Day Soul Detox is a daunting novel to read and finish. I don’t think that I ever read a book that is more than 1000 pages long. Phew, I’m going to feel a sense of accomplishment after I finish reading it.



    1. Thanks! I thought that I was rejected when i didnt get accepted after 2 weeks. But I got the approval email more than 1 month after I sent the request. I was so happy when I got the approval. XD I guess this means that we should never give up.

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