My Life in Books Tag

I found this tag on Rendz’s blog and figured out that I should do it since it sounds really fun. Do check out Rendz’s blog as it is filled with amazing book reviews, book tags and even movie review!

Book for each initial

J – A Court of Thorn and Roses by Sarah J. Maas (I couldn’t think of any book that has the letter J in it. :x)

OOf the Trees by E.M. Fitch

AAn Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

NNever Fade by Alexandra Bracken

N – Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

EEleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

Age – Count along your bookshelf


The Crown by Kiera Cass

This novel is the final installment in ‘The Selection’ series and I’m looking forward to seeing how this series is going to end. πŸ™‚

Book that represents a destination you would love to travel to


Passenger by Alexandra Bracken

I have always wanted to visit Europe one day. To admire the amazing architectural buildings and landscapes, bookstores, food, and culture. However, I would love to go on an adventure with Etta and Nicholas to the different time periods even if the destinations isn’t Europe. πŸ˜€

Favourite colour



Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

This is one of the few books which have one of the prettiest covers I have ever seen. Let’s just say that Truthwitch was an instant cover buy for me.



 Six Of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

I’m going with Six Of Crows for this since the background is grayish even though the bird is black. Anyone who knows me will notice that most of my clothes are gray while most of my other accessories such as wallet, water bottle, bag, mobile phone, etc are blue. 😑

Fondest memories of


We Were Liars by E. Lockhart

This is the first book that actually made me felt so sad and moody after finishing it. This novel definitely left a lasting, deep impression on me which I don’t think that I will be able to forget about it anytime soon.

Most difficulty reading


 The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel

This novel is definitely one of the hardest novel I had ever read. It wasn’t because the novel was boring or long. Instead, the plot was so disturbing that I was having so much trouble trying to continue on with the story. I DNF’ed it in the end as I couldn’t bring myself to continue on with it.

Which book in your TBR pile would you get the biggest sense of accomplishment from?


Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

Shadow and Bone, the 1st book in this trilogy, left me with a reading slump which lasted for a 1 month. I’m really hesitant to pick up Siege and Storm as I’m afraid that it will leave me in yet another reading slump. However, I’m still looking forward to picking this book up as Shadow and Bone blew me away. The world building and writing in the novel were so good.

Tag! Now it’s our turn. πŸ˜€

Zuky @ Zuky the BookBum

Jackie @ toomuchofabooknerd

Sydney @ Fire and Rain Books

Jasmine @ How Useful It Is

Nadwa @ Painfully Fictional

As usual, if you don’t feel like doing the tag or have done it before, feel free to not do this. I tag anyone else who might be interested to do this tag. Do share your answers with me as I love to read them. πŸ˜€



  1. Ah thanks so much for tagging me! This is such a fun tag, I can’t wait to do it πŸ™‚ and I love the covers of Truthwitch and Six of Crows!!! I’m a huge fan of blue-ish covers, it’s just such a pretty colour ❀️

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