We Were Liars by E. Lockhart


We Were Liars

Author: E. Lockhart

Published on: 13 May 2014

Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary, Mystery, Fiction, Romance

Pages: 227

Format: Hardcover

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A beautiful and distinguished family.
A private island.
A brilliant, damaged girl; a passionate, political boy.
A group of four friends—the Liars—whose friendship turns destructive.
A revolution. An accident. A secret.
Lies upon lies.
True love.
The truth.
We Were Liars is a modern, sophisticated suspense novel from National Book Award finalist and Printz Award honoree E. Lockhart. 
Read it.
And if anyone asks you how it ends, just LIE.

I started reading this novel without knowing what to expect from it. The only information that I had was the synopsis. Even then, the synopsis didn’t reveal much about the plot. Actually, I’m really glad that I went into the novel without any prior knowledge about the plot. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been so shocked and sad. This novel is utterly beautiful and tragic. The ending totally caught me off guard, and it was so heart-wrenching when you finally found out the whole truth.

The writing in this novel is fragmented with bits and pieces of information scattered throughout the novel. Sometimes, they are flashbacks while in other instances, they are into the present times. As a result, I had a hard time following the progress of the story for the first 50 pages or so. However, once I managed to grasp the concept, reading this novel was a breeze. For the first half of the novel, it has was frustrating for me to get through it as the plot seemed so mundane. I just couldn’t see the significance of certain events in the novel. It was only after reading the entire novel that I finally understood the significance of those events and how important they were in shaping the entire story. It was actually those events that made this novel so heart-wrenching.

What can I say? This novel was so well-crafted and written that I didn’t see the twist coming and it hit me hard, rendering me speechless. The only thought I had then was  ‘This couldn’t be the truth. Why does it have to turn out like this?’ I love Gat so much. Out of all the characters in this short novel, I love his personality and values the most. This novel left me with tears in my eyes and a broken heart. I’m hoping that I don’t get into a reading slump after reading this novel…

There are so many thoughts running through my mind as I write this and yet I can’t seem to be able to put them into words without giving away too much to readers who have yet to read this novel. To those who have yet to read this novel, do pick it up as it will be a read you will never forget.

Written by: Joanne



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