Of the Trees by E.M. Fitch


Of the Trees

Author: E.M. Fitch

Release Date: 28 February 2017

Genres: Young Adult, Horror, Thriller, Fantasy (Paranormal)

Pages: 300

Format: Ebook

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Cassie and Laney fancy themselves amateur ghost hunters. When a carnival comes to town, Cassie embraces the chance to try something new.

Carnival workers watch the girls with a collective gaze that ignites in Laney a dark and dangerous fascination, leaving Cassie unnerved.

It’s not just their age or the unsettling way they stare. There is something in the shifting of their skin and the way their features seem to change in the shadows.

Cassie can’t shake this sickening feeling that there’s more to the carnival than meets the eye.

When townspeople suddenly start dying and bloody warnings appear around town, Cassie is lured into a nightmare where trees whisper and strange, shape-shifting men haunt the backwoods she once hunted for ghosts with her best friend.

Then Laney goes missing, and only Cassie can get her back. But the creatures of the trees aren’t simply going to hand Laney over to Cassie without getting something in return.

This was my first horror novel. I usually feel intimidated and hesitant about reading such genres as horror shows freak me out totally.

The plot, on the whole, was interesting. The mystery behind the murder and the tree people intrigued me and kept me hooked to the novel, wanting to know the answers behind it. However, I am surprised that I wasn’t spooked by the plot.

I had problems with Laney’s character. She had these intense mood swings whereby in one moment, she was best of friends with Cassie and suddenly, she was acting all frustrated and pissed off. Throughout the novel, their friendship had been like a Viking ship caught in a storm, waving between friends and strangers. It was frustrating for me to keep reading about their never-ending quarrels and patch up. Laney even seemed to be possessed at one point when she went hysteric and a tad crazy.


While writing this review, I ran through in my mind the events which occurred in the novel and realized that they were indeed spooky. Imagine the tree people morphing in front of you as their skin stretch and appearances change to different persons and you being the only one able to actually see the tree people and hear them whispering in the woods. If I were in Cassie’s shoes, I will definitely be extremely scared. Somehow I didn’t felt scared when I was reading the novel (other than the part where eyes were being painted by blood) and I can’t seem to figure out the reason behind it.

The aspect which stood out to me would be the friendship between Rebecca and Cassie. Both of them provided moral support for one another in times of needs. As opposed to Laney who didn’t really care that Jessica death was partially due to the tree people and instead constantly kept trying to defend them.

On a side note, I initially thought that Corey and his friends were werewolves until I read the portion whereby they were able to morph and that proved that my initial speculations were false.

Finally, I would like to thank month9books for sending me this eGalley in exchange for an honest review. 🙂

Written by: Joanne


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