Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

Current Status: Released


Finally decided to pick up this hyped book. This is the first time I have read such a unique book. The book is filled with emails, interviews, pictures, military reports, medical reports, hacked documents, security camera reports, etc. It is not the typical way an author would write a novel and it was this aspect that had intrigued me to read this book. Surprisingly, I wasn’t confused by the writing style or the events that were occurring in the book.

Illuminae follows the story of Kady and Ezra, who were caught in a war between two rival megacorporations over their own tiny planet. With little choice, they had to flee their home planet on board an evacuating fleet with the enemies in hot pursuit to destroy any living witnesses. However, other pressing issues started to surface when a deadly plague broke out, and started affecting the passengers on board the evacuating fleets. Moreover, the fleet’s AI which was supposed to be protecting them might actually turn out to be their enemy instead.

Another aspect that captivated me is the emotions which I felt while reading Illuminae. I have personally watched countless gory anime and read many books but this was the only time that I got scared by those crazy people. The way that the authors wrote and describe it sent chills down my spine. Ezra was really an entertaining character as he made me laugh especially during the interview section when he gave the interviewer the finger for pissing him off. It really made my day.

I also enjoyed reading the AI’s character development. I felt weird initially since machines such as the AI aren’t supposed to have emotions or the ability to relate to people.

Kady’s character is amazing. Her ability to pull through despite all the challenges she faced left a deep impression on me. If I were in her shoes, I would definitely hole myself up somewhere in the ship, too terrified to face any of those crazy zombie-like people, and beg and cry that they will not find me. I would be too terrified to face those crazy zombie-like people.

I would totally recommend this book to those who haven’t picked it up yet. The world building is amazing and the emotions that you will feel while reading should keep you glued to the pages.

Written by: Joanne


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